Grab-to-go Kiwi Parfait

An unconventional and healthier take on the famous French dessert! Perfect for a sunny afternoon dessert, it's absolutely guilt-free and packs a crunch from Rise & Grain's granola.

Grab-to-go Kiwi Parfait


1 kiwi fruit

30g Rise & Grain’s Honey Super Seed granola

5 tbsp plain greek yoghurt

1 tsp sugar free fruit jam/compote

1 tsp agave syrup (optional)


1.In a bowl,combine the yoghurt and sugar fruit jam/compote.

2.Begin layering the parfait in a glass starting with half the Rise & Grain’s Honey Super Seed granola, follwed by a

spoonful of yoghurt.

3.Repeat the layering process again and top with cubed kiwi fruit and agave syrup if desired. 

4.The Grab-to-go Kiwi Parfait can be enjoyed immediately or chilled.