Meet The Sisters

We are the sisters who ventured from cakes to clean eating and here’s why…

The world we live in now is more fast paced than ever. With less time to prepare our own meals and snacks, it is easier to resort to fast food, carb-loaded snacks or sugar loaded juices. Although it may taste good, most of the time, it comes from artificially refined sugar and MSG which are the biggest contributors to current health problems. Regardless of the importance of clean eating, healthy food options are still not readily available or preparing it can be way too expensive. We wanted to solve this problem by bringing healthy but delicious food to everyone. We want to change the stigma that  healthy foods is time consuming and expensive.

Managing a severe gluten allergy for most of our adult lives, healthy and conscious eating has been a family norm. With a strong passion for food, we’ve experimented with flavours for years to create a range of healthy ready-to-eat foodsWe want to share these delicious creations with you and to encourage everyone to make health-conscious decisions for their own wellbeing. We also try our best to use mostly plant-based ingredients to minimise our carbon footprint to support our environment. 

Meet The Sisters

“To us, it’s not just food, it’s a lifestyle.”

Rise and Grain is dedicated to bringing affordable, nutritious, healthy and of course, delicious foods to your doorstep, made with no preservatives or refined sugar, which can be enjoyed from dawn to dusk. We believe that healthy does not need to compromise on flavour. This brand was created for everyone. To us, it’s not just food, it’s a lifestyle. And we believe that a healthy body is a house for a healthy mind.



“Don’t say ‘no lah’ before you try our granola!”



“It’s time to stop eating rice & gain, and start with Rise & Grain :)”

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